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Split Screen

Okay, this is a real personal point for me.
What is UP with games REFUSING to add Split Screen these days?

Oh there are a few, I give it that, but trust me, the ratio of “Games with Online Multiplayer Only” and “Games with Split Screen Multiplayer” is DANGEROUSLY in the former’s favor.

On one hand, I can understand why they do it.
“Why play with only half a screen when you can play with a FULL screen!”

Except here’s something to think about: Gamers who play Split Screen usually AREN’T hardcore gamers.
They just want to have fun on the same couch since, you know, they have nothing to do besides playing games or maybe play a bit in the bedroom.

On the other hand, it could also be because they have to lower the graphics for the Split Screen to be possible without too much lag.
I would argue again with the same argument. They usually AREN’T hardcore gamers. They just want to have fun. F!U!N! Remember that word, game designers?
Believe it or not, people usually don’t care whether a wall is a bit blurry compared to the single player campaign!

*Gasp* The lighting isn’t as advanced! GAME IS RUINED FOREVER!

It’s really ridiculous when you have a friend over and this scenario happens:
You: “Hey there, friend! You want to play a co-op game?”
Friend: “Sure thing! Let me run all the way back to my house, buy the same game and the same console, create an account, pay for the Online and find you amids 20 matches currently going on!”
You: “Alright! See you in 6 hours! Man, the wonders of modern technology!”

If you don’t see anything wrong with that, please slap yourself in the face.
If you do see what’s wrong with that, please slap yourself in the face anyway.
Unless you aren’t a gamedesigner who force online down people’s throat.
In that case, I apologize for making you slap yourself, but you deserve a slap for doing what a random blog says anyway.

Whatever happened to giving players OPTIONS?
Give them a CHOICE to play Split-screen?

The egg would be the game, and the hardboiled one would be Online.

See, games don’t give you options anymore lately. They just want you to play it the way the creators intend to.
When will they realize that games are more fun if you can play AROUND the possibilities of a game?
If you want everything to go your way, make a movie. If you want to make a game, leave the options to the players.

Split-screen gives people the option to play the game together and have fun.
Believe it or not, it’s more fun to play with someone you know who’s right next to you than someone who you only hear whining through your headphones.

So if there is anything I want games to do, it’s give us at LEAST the option to play in Split-screen, so I can have some USE for my multiple controllers.

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Huy Minh Le is a Video Game Enthusiast, Movie Lover, Writer, Content Marketeer and regular TvTropes reader! His studies in Game Design, Art, and Writing has led to a very creative, yet analytical mind.

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